About Fund


XPLORER Fund invests in TECH projects with major component of R&D that result in creation of Intellectual Property (IP) that is protectable. The product or service that the founders jointly build with the fund needs to rely on a unique technology.

A typical investment project lasts 10-18 months, employs a team of 4 to 8 people, engages 250k EUR and results in a product-market implementation test.


Every pre-seed, R&D start-up is an extremally fragile entity. It is destined to encounter numerous challenges and adversities. Nevertheless good teams thrive and prove successful.

The role of Xplorer is to help the founders persevere against all odds and equip them with tools that will maximize their market performance.

Xplorer Fund leverages on the assets of its Venture Capital Group ecosystem and its Western European business network that helps portfolio companies in both growing the business and raising follow-on funds.

Western Markets

Mature economies of western Europe have been driven by innovations for many decades and they continue to seek for more.

We pay special attention to divert our portfolio companies and their IP assets to scale up and thrive in the markets that rely on hi-end innovations. Our corporate partners will always be ready to look into your venture and see how to jointly perform on the markets.

Ecosystem is a key

Xplorer Fund is part of venture capital group, along with other funds: APER Ventures and META Ventures. We are backed by several years of VC experience of our partner funds and their solid relationships with State Funds, Business Angels, VC Funds accelerators and Universities.

We work with a business catalyst UniCube Ventures that helps exposing portfolio companies to the European markets and assists companies in business development and follow-on fund-raising. Technology experts from DotConnect can assist engineering and R&D teams in overcoming technological challenges and finding optimal solutions.

Xplorer builds-up on solid and proven ecosystem fundaments and makes their companies thrive.

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