Investment Process

If your concept addresses a relevant market problem and relies on innovative technology that can be turned into a profitable business, you are very welcome to embark our application process.

Investment decision process

1. Application

If you feel we are a good fit for you, we will ask you to Apply. We want to understand what you think about your own venture.

2. Internal Review

We will inform you on the outcomes, also if we find out that we cannot help you out. Hopefully it will be good fit and we can walk along further.

3. Meeting Preparation

We work with market standards and would like to invite you to put your venture into a 2-pager. That's it. You can also bring your own deck.

4. Mutual Decision

Upon decision, we kick off the investment preparation, both documentation for the Investment committee with NCBR as well as legal preparations to close the deal.

From then on, we are partners to thrive on the markets and make a meaning together.


We know how to build ventures and grow their value, but we always look for partners to join forces and invest together. We welcome business angels, institutional and corporate investors to co-invest in our portfolio projects.

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